Confession Time

There’s no shortage of callers that call and want to talk about sucking the cock of another man, it’s one of the most popular topics for calls. I talked for an hour last night to a man that loves to both get his cock sucked and to suck, most callers just want to suck off other guys and not get sucked themselves. This man is married, as many are, and of course his wife has no clue about the extra curricular same sex activities he’s involved in, but he said she likes to lick pussy once in a while herself and he’s apparently watched her do it, so he feels his cock sucking habit might not be quite as traumatic as it would be for most partners to learn about, which may be true.

He has never talked to another woman about this stuff before, and he was just so grateful to have someone to finally confess to. One thing he said is how he’s watched porn of guys giving blow jobs, and how strange they look with the cock of another man in their mouth and how he hates to think he looks like that. I laughed and said to insist the lights be out and total darkness before he sticks the dick in his mouth.

He was quite concerned about how other women would feel about this if it was their own husband or boyfriend, would they be ok with knowing they’d had a cock in their mouth. I said most wouldn’t, and that’s what he thought. Some men are consumed with how they appear to others, and know that the result would likely be negative if these facts came out, that’s why they keep these secrets from their women, they know it’s not going to be warmly received.

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