Fuck Me, Darling

The number of guys that call and have fantasies of being fucked by a woman wearing a strapon is a lot higher than one would imagine. Many callers are already using anal stimulating toys on themselves, this is very common, yet they claim they do not want to be fucked by men, so they want a woman to drill their ass hard, yet most wives or girlfriends are not going to go for this sort of activity. Some will of course, but not the majority. They seem to think most women are by nature dominant and would be happy to do this to a guy and their own woman is just not like that. Trust me guys, most ladies would not be ok with doing this to their guy.

If I hadn’t seen some on cam over the years I would think they were lying when they tell me the sizes of the toys they are using on themselves, but after seeing it with my own eyes, I know some of these guys are like size queens and the size of the toys they are using on themselves is not to be believed they are so big. They must really enjoy being stretched out that way to use such massive toys on themselves.

One caller claims he occasionally sees a man with an eleven inch cock and that it can take up to three hours to get it in with him laying on his side in the fetal position. It sounds more like torture than hot fun to me, but he says once it’s in he just loves the fullness. Some men have more desire than common sense for sure, and they will push their physical limits more than ones would think even possible. So if you can find a gal to step into a strapon harness and give you a good go up the ass, more power to you!

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