The Country Sire

One caller I talk to has a unique story, as many of them do. Again you never know if what they are telling you is true or just one of their fantasies. They can make their fantasies sound so real, you really can never be sure. He claims to be a man in his mid fifties who is a sire. Yes, a sire, like a horse. Except he impregnates women, single women he finds, or that are rather referred to him from others he’s provided sire services for. He claims to have now sired around eleven children in the region he’s in, not the same city, but within a few hours radius.

He claims these women do indeed present him with a legal contract to sign absolving him of any financial responsibilities or medical costs, etc. They are apparently wanting a child but not a relationship, which is understandable, yet they don’t want to go the route of sperm banks and clinical medical settings. They want their child conceived the old fashioned way. So he claims he goes to their place for the weekend around their most fertile time, and they spend three days fucking, usually three times a day, and it takes a few attempts usually over a couple of months, and then voila, he’s got yet another little one on the way.

He’s from a rural area, so I jokingly call him “The Country Sire” when he calls and ask him if he’s impregnated anyone since last we spoke. He’s married, but they don’t live together and never had any children of their own, but apparently he’s quite potent and word spread among the children wanting women folk that he’s a good sire to use and doesn’t cause any problems. He said it’s a nice little way to supplement his income as well, since they give him “a little something” for helping them out like this. Who knows, it sounds a little fantastic to be true, but stranger things have happened.

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