The Wedding Present

This is the most popular time of the year for weddings, and I’ve already been to a couple of them. I went to one this past weekend. I was actually surprised to get an invite to it since the groom and I had been lovers in the past. I am assuming his new bride does know about that, since she’d likely not have wanted me there if she had. Imagine my surprise when shortly after the ceremony, when the bride and groom were separated with different friends and family members, that the groom came right over to me and whispered in my ear he’d love a quickie for old times sake.

He literally had just said his vows less than an hour before. Who was I to deny him his chosen wedding gift? We stole away into a nearby room at the hotel the reception was being held at and we were fucking on that bed in less than five minutes. He was just as good as I’d remembered he was. I told him he was very naughty and that he should be ashamed of himself for cheating less than an hour after saying his vows. He just laughed and spanked my ass. I could feel his large cock stretching me open like it had so man y times before. I had to admit, no one had stretched me open quite that wide before or since, and I loved the way he would fuck my cunt and make me feel like his dirty whore, he did it so well.

We both came fast and furiously and he was soon back out mingling with the crowd and his new bride, who seemed none the wiser. I was beginning to understand why I’d gotten the invite, he thought he might get one last crack at me and he had. I freshened up and was soon back out there as well. It was quite the memorable wedding reception to be sure.

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