Birthday Bondage

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up and he said he;d always wanted to tie me up, but I’m a bit reluctant to be tied up in any way, it just bothers me to not have control, so I’d never consented to it before. I thought for his birthday, for just a short while, I can get over this fear and allow myself to be tied up for his benefit and pleasure. I got a nice, big satin ribbon to have my hands tied up with. I told him he could tie my hands behind my back.

He knew how difficult this was for me to let this be done, so he was extra flattered I let him and he promised to make it worth my while for doing this for him. It was his birthday though, so I wanted to please him and make him happy. He decided to tease me since I was all tied up and he knew how much I enjoyed sucking his cock, so he hand me tied and placed me on the floor in front of him and was just grazing his wet cock head over my lips, like he was applying a lipstick to me of his precum. I licked up every drop of it.

He soon placed it all the way in my mouth inch by inch and I drooled all over it, getting it all slick and slippery, driving him wild one lick at a time. I was soon rewarded with a mouthful of his sweet jizz, my hands tied behind my back in submission for my lover. There had been nothing to fear, being tied up this way in bondage hadn’t made it any more unpleasant. I needed to let him take control more often, it was kind of fun for sure.

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