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Dinner Cruise Quickie

Most people if they are going to go on a dinner cruise would be going with another person, but I’m not currently in a relationship and wanted to go on this dinner cruise that had a really good last minute … Continue reading

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The Wedding Present

This is the most popular time of the year for weddings, and I’ve already been to a couple of them. I went to one this past weekend. I was actually surprised to get an invite to it since the groom … Continue reading

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Fast & Furious Fuck

Long episodes of lovemaking can be wonderful, no rushing, just enjoying, but sometimes a fast and furious fuck, a quickie, can get the job done in record time. Usually a quickie is only going to be a one orgasm deal, … Continue reading

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Zero To Sixty-The Quickie

As fantastic as a lengthy evening of lovemaking can be, no one can deny a quickie can sometimes just hit the spot. We don’t always need hours of foreplay and teasing and tantalizing to make us see stars at the … Continue reading

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