Riding My Guy

I love to ride my guy, it’s one of if not the favorite position of mine. I like to do it in the sitting position, since my lover is right against my body, if he;s laying flat on his back, we don’t have that full body contact like when sitting up. It’s fun to be face to face and hug them as you’re fucking them. Last night my boyfriend had a special evening for us planned, he’d made us a lovely dinner and then we had a long, slow, seductive evening of lovemaking planned, and he was so generous.

He gave me a long and wonderful full body massage, and I was dripping wet at the end of it. He used his oiled up hands to massage my breasts, and my nipples were so hard and erect. Then my pussy got a good amount of attention as well. He stripped down and got on the bed with me, he’d laid out some beach towels so we wouldn’t get oil on the sheets. I then got some of the oil and began to rub it over him, and we were soon with me cradling him and straddling him and riding him.

I could feel his cock sliding into my wet and oiled up cunt, and my stiff clit was rubbing against his shaft as I bucked back and forth on top of him. He kissed my nipples and my face as I ride him, and squeezed my ass cheeks in his hands, and caressed my back. The full body skin on skin contact was wonderful and so arousing, I love how he fucks me so sensually. I can control just how much of his big cock I can feel going into me when I ride him like this. I look forward to our next fuck session, likely again tonight!

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