Secret Cuckold

My boyfriend is a cuckold, but he doesn’t know it yet. I’ve been cheating on him with another man with a much larger cock than he has, and been enjoying it tremendously. His cock is one of the largest I’ve ever been with and is not even in the same league as my poor boyfriend’s tiny member. I met this man at work actually, he was there delivering some things, he works for the courier company we use, and as soon as I saw him, I knew I wanted him. The bulge in his pants also clued me into how big a cock he must have.

I slipped him my business card and he obviously got the drift that I was interested, and I got a call on my cell phone a short while later from him, and we met at his condo later that night and had wild sex. My boyfriend thought I was meeting a girlfriend for a drink, how clueless he really is. I was in bed with the courier stud and getting my pussy stretched out like it hasn’t been since we met. I really had to relax to take in the girth of his meaty cock and once I got to riding him, I was in ecstasy feeling him inside of me.

I love to get a really good pussy pounding, and this guy sure gave me one. I hope to see him regularly, as I could use a lot more of what he has to offer. Sucking his cock really made me so wet, I loved licking the head of that big dick like it was a melting ice cream one, it was so sexy and I had a real handful of him. Then of course we fucked again and I came all over his dick yet again. I look forward to many more naughty encounters with him.

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