The Wedding Service

I did something I’m not too proud of this weekend, but I couldn’t help myself. I went to a wedding and I was seated in the back since I wasn’t a close friend of the bride or groom, and there wasn’t many in the back rows, but I was seated to this handsome man, also there by himself like I was, and the rest of the people in the row were old and mostly asleep. I was bored, the service was long, the guy and I were flirting with each other and for some reason I laid my hand in his crotch and began to fondle him through his pants.

I felt very naughty doing it and of course he didn’t stop me. In fact, he grabbed a bible from the back of the row in front of us and opened it and sort of hid my hand with it to prevent anyone from seeing what we were doing. I unzipped his pants and placed my hand inside and began to stroke his cock, which was soon rock hard from my attentions. I could feel the drops of his precum all over my fingertips as I masturbated him.

I picked up there pace and while being as discrete as possible I knew he was going to cum, so I grabbed a tissue out of my purse and rammed it in his pants so he came into it and he smiled at me for having such foresight. The service soon ended and I hadn’t heard a word of it, I was too busy giving the stranger beside me the hand job, it was kind of funny, and he left soon afterwards, I never even did catch his name. I guess I’m what they consider a good guest, I’m entertaining and I make ones feel welcome, lol.

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