Stroking My Pussy Thinking Of You

I’ve always loved to masturbate, ever since I was very young, I lived in fear I’d get caught and had a few close calls, but thankfully never was. Even now, I do several times a week, especially when there’s someone in my life I really like and have a crush on, I fantasize about them when I masturbate. Wondering if they’d enjoy watching me stroke my pussy, knowing I was thinking of them. There’s a new guy at work I’ve really got the hots for, he’s a lot younger than I am, by half, and I’m not sure if he likes older women.

I’ve been staring at him wondering what he sounds like when he masturbates, what sounds he makes, how big his cock is, if he’s good in bed. I don’t want to appear like some fool going after a guy half my age, but I do really want to fuck him badly. I was rubbing my pussy just last night before I went to sleep and closed my eyes and was thinking of his young, hard cock, and how badly I wanted to suck it and then ride it, gripping that young shaft between my cunt lips and glide up and down on it, driving him crazy.

I don’t think he has a girlfriend, so maybe he’s looking for a fuck buddy, maybe he’d like a cougar, we will have to see. I think I will ask him out for coffee and feel him out on the subject, but I’ve been masturbating so much since he came to work there. I think I’d best not tell him about that, I don’t want to scare him off! He might think the cougar is a bit wild, lol, and I am! I want his dick and to be his cougar slut.

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