My Neighbor, The Tease

When I was in my teens there was a very handsome guy I had as a neighbor. I didn’t tell my mom I had the hots for him or anything, but I was outside as often as I could be, sunbathing, doing yardwork in a bikini, all kinds of attention getting measures. One day my parents were out and I was outside looking fine and I could just tell he was watching me, and I glanced over and he was. He called me over and asked if I’d like some iced tea he’d just made, of course I said yes and went over.

It wasn’t long until we were kissing on his sofa and making out and touching each other, but he said he would not fuck me, that it would be kissing and touching only. I was kind of mad, but at least I got to touch him, and him me, and he was wonderful at rubbing my pussy and making me cum. I got to stroke his cock and make him cum as well, I’d done that for a few other guys already and told him so, so he didn’t think I was some novice or something and he said I did it just fine.

We played many times when I had the chance when my parents were away for the day or a few hours. He’d go down on my pussy as well and would drive me wild with that tongue of his, and I’d cream all over his face. He wouldn’t let me suck his cock or fuck him though, he was all about the giving, and it was wonderful to receive. I’d masturbate in front of him and he’d watch me touch my pussy and stroke his cock at the same time, it was very sexy to know I got him that aroused.

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