Bear Santa

Is Santa gay? Or maybe bi? I bet you never asked yourself that question before, have you? Well, let’s assume he’s straight, but some have had odd Santa Claus fantasies. One caller that is gay, and many wonder why a gay man would be calling a phone sex line to talk to women, but they do, trust me, he has a gay Santa Claus fantasy where he comes down in the middle of the night to get a drink and Santa has just finished laying the gifts around the bottom of the tree, and just before he goes back up the chimney, Santa sees him there watching him and he smiles at him.

The caller goes over to Santa to thank him for his gifts and he looks down and notices Santa is sporting a bit of a “package” himself and he reaches down to touch Santa’s cock through his red velvet pants and he indeed finds Santa hard. He asks Santa to stay a while, and Santa sits down on the sofa and the caller gets down on his knees and reaches up and pulls out Santa’s cock. It’s surreal he’s actually imagining giving Santa Claus a blow job, but he is. He feels Santa has given to him each Christmas for his entire life, and now he wants to give something back.

Santa apparently has a big cock, in the caller’s fantasy anyway, and with a huge, bulbous head on it and he relishes licking and sucking on the head of it, and in his fantasy it tastes like gingerbread. Imagine a gingerbread tasting cock, hey, that would be better than what most cocks taste like anyway! So he deep throat’s Santa’s cock and licks and swirls his tongue around his huge cock head and licks all the oozing precum off and before you know it, Santa is cumming down his throat, and the cum tastes like eggnog. Again, a vast improvement to what actual cum tastes like. So Santa thanks him for his “gift”, and he loads up his bag f presents and heads back up the chimney to deliver the rest of his gifts to people around the world, newly energized by having had a Christmas blow job.

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