Being Neighborly Around The Christmas Season

The young man that shovels my walk and driveway lives down the street and is a very handsome young college student, strong as anything, and I’m happy to have him do the job. There was a record breaking snowfall here within the last few days and the poor guy was run off his feet doing shoveling for the neighbors. He was glad for the money, but his body had really taken a lot of physical abuse. His arms, shoulders and back especially. After he was done my place and I was going to pay him, I asked if he was done for the day and he said yes, I was his last house he was doing before going home.

I wanted to give him a bit of a break and said I was very good at giving massages, and would it be ok if I gave him one to help him out? He looked so grateful. I told him to lay face down on the sofa and told him to take his sweater off, which he did. I got some lotion and rubbed it all over him and worked his tight, sore muscles with my hands. He was in knots. I could feel him physically relaxing as I worked on him. I used to like to give my boyfriend massages, but didn’t have one now.

He finally rolled over and I worked on the front of his arms and his chest and I could see he was pitching a tent in his pants and he apologized for that, I said it was perfectly normal and not to worry about it. I even unzipped his pants and took out his cock and started to give it a bit of a rub down as well and he sure didn’t stop me. I felt the poor boy deserved a happy ending after working so hard, and he seemed plenty appreciative of my little gift to him. Once he’d relaxed, he got dressed and went home to bed. It’s always nice to be neighborly around the Christmas season.

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