He Fingered Me in the Library

My boyfriend has always had a wild streak. He likes sex in high risk places. It can be exciting, there’s not a doubt, but I am terrified of getting caught and getting arrested. Last week he suggested we go to the library. I didn’t think this was too odd, since we do go there once in a while. We got there and it was fairly quiet. We went back to this more private area where students usually go to study, but being summer now, there were none there at all. I was beginning to think he had something up his sleeve taking me back there. I was right.

He sat beside me at the table we were at and I soon found his hand between my legs, teasing my pussy. I looked around and it didn’t seem anyone was nearby. Fortunately I had a good view of anyone approaching, so it didn’t seem as risky as I first thought. I think he’d planned this all out. It felt so good, how he was touching me. I just let him do it and was soon dripping wet. His fingertips slid all over my shaved cunt and I could feel my clit growing stiff at his touch, as it always did.

I thought someone was coming, but they turned down another stack of books. I could feel his fingers sliding into me and I bit my lip to not cry out for the orgasm I knew was fast approaching. He pressed and rubbed harder into my tender flesh and I bucked against his hand, as I held onto the table. I felt it wash over me and I trembled. Little did I know a teenaged male was watching the entire thing, likely hard a rock. He withdrew his hand and I pulled down my skirt. We soon walked out and the teenage boy smirked at me. I knew then he’d seen, but I knew he wouldn’t be telling anyone. He had a hard on in his pants I noticed. Sometimes these little adventures are fun, other times I worry. This was a fun one for sure.

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