We Did It In The Dressing Room

My boyfriend is always looking for risky situations. The heightened sensation of possibly getting caught really turns him on. He said he saw a porno of a couple doing it in some dressing room at the mall and would I be game to try. I’m pretty risk adverse, so was a bit concerned about being caught and arrested by mall cops. He chose a busy store that had a lot of people coming and going in the dressing rooms, so we’d not be as apt to be noticed. I took some clothes in and he snuck in when the sales lady had her attention on something else.

The rooms were busy, hangars rattling, doors banging, and we knew this had to be a quickie. I stripped down and so did he and I bent over and he rammed his cock in me from behind and he hammered away at my pussy. He grabbed at my hips and pushed the head of his large cock into my pussy lips. He stroked that dick in and out of me and cupped my tits in his hands, rubbing them a bit roughly. It was only around three minutes, but we were both able to cum, though it was quite fast and furious.

We just barely got our clothes back on when the sales lady was knocking at the door asking if everything was alright and would I like some more sizes? I said everything was fine and I’d be out in a moment. I saw her feet walk away under the door and he slipped out before I did, then I made my escape. Not sure if she figured out what had happened or not, to me it seemed so obvious, but she was busy and likely had her mind on other things. Maybe she just didn’t care, I have no idea.

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