Hand Job On The Open Road

One thing my boyfriend loves is when I start to jack him off in the car when he’s driving. I told him I thought it was dangerous, but he said he’s had it done countless times, even gotten head before, while he’s driving. So I started to jack him off when we’d go on longer drives. He loves when there’s a higher vehicle than ours and they can look down and see what’s going on. There was a bus full of older ladies on their way somewhere and he told me to start stroking him and he pulled up right in the lane next to them.

I was laughing so hard as I looked up and saw their shocked expressions and open mouths as they saw me rub his cock and pump it in my hand. He never stays in any space too long though, since he worries about someone taking out their phone and taking a picture and then a pic of the license plate. He’s smart enough to not want that to happen and be connected to it. I will just unzip his jeans, slip my hand inside and start to rub him, he usually gets hard in seconds. I love how he feels in my hand when he grows hard in it.

I then pull it out, smoothing my hand up and down the hard shaft and smoothing the dripping precum all over his hard dick. Tugging hard, then softer, alternating my movements to drive him crazy and then I get a steady rhythm going and press harder until he squirts. He never gets sick of my hands and fingers teasing him and loves when others catch a passing glimpse of this. Our playtime in the car is always fun and we get to do it a few times a month when we drive for longer distances.

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