Spying on Mom

One of the more common stories we phone sex gals hear is men that when they were in their teens spied on their mom getting out of the shower. Ladies really need to get door locks and use them, since they seem to be clueless their sons are spying on them and then jerking off after doing so. One man loves older women to this day that called me last night and was telling me about his first experience of seeing a naked woman, his mom. He’s masturbated to this memory for years. He’d seen pics of women in Playboy, but never a live one until one day he came home early from school and saw his mom through the crack in the door.

He stood there, frozen, seeing her naked form step out of the shower and then drying off. He said his young cock began to grow hard in his pants and instinctively he reached down and started to fondle himself. She was unaware he’d come home and was in no hurry to get out, and continued on, rubbing lotion on herself, shaving, all sorts of after shower beauty routines we ladies go through and he watched the whole thing through the sliver of the door that was open.

He recalls the scent of her lotion mixed with the steam escaping through the door crack and how he furiously jerked his cock off watching her as she bent over shaving her legs and then rubbed moisturizer on them as her son was masturbating right on the other side of the door. When she put on her robe and he knew she was about to exit the room, he crept away quickly to his room and continued to masturbate thinking about what he’d seen until dinner time. It’s been decades since the incident, but it had a huge effect on his. So many young men have encounters like this they share with us.

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