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Harder, Baby

My boyfriend and I have been trying something new after watching some new kinds of porn. He asked me how I felt about rough sex and I said I’d be willing to give it a try, so we did. He … Continue reading

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Forcing Himself On The Neighbor

One of my regular callers has fantasies about his neighbor and creeping into her home when she’s asleep, sleeping naked of course for easy access, and creeping into bed with her and spooning her in bed until she wakes up … Continue reading

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Woman’s Rape Fantasies

The bodice ripper novel is a very old staple in literature. Most women will never want to actually be brutally, violently raped, but the type of fantasies some women have and many men as well, is one of reluctance, a … Continue reading

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Shut Up And Take It!

Something many men call to talk about is forcing themselves on someone. Now I don’t do too violent type of calls, but some like the idea of pinning someone down and not letting them up. Not all force has to … Continue reading

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Do Exactly As I Tell You……

Not many women want to actually get raped, it sounds beyond horrible. But a seduction by a good looking stranger has its appeal for sure. The idea that we don’t have control, and are going to be forced to get … Continue reading

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