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Some guys like to be a bit rough when it comes to sex and be in control. Some of those callers have fantasies where they have a girlfriend be their female accomplice and take another woman that may not be as willing and force them to have sex wither with him or he and the girlfriend. Sometimes the one they are making do things is younger and smaller and weaker than they are, so it’s not really difficult to control them physically. Some have some pretty wild fantasies that go beyond what you hope they would ever do in real life situations.

One was telling me he has the hots for his girlfriend’s younger sister who’s in her teens and he hopes to convince his girlfriend to be a part of some kind of seduction. I can’t see she’d go along with it, but it’s a big fantasy of his. He’s watched and spied on the younger sister when she came to visit them, and it’s been a big part of his fantasy life when he masturbates. Imagining fucking that teenaged pussy and being her first. He watched as she changed her clothes by staring in the keyhole of the door, she had no idea.

He then went and beat off as he thought of touching her and having his girlfriend hold her down and place her hand over her mouth. I don’t think he’d be able to get it to happen, but guys do have thoughts like this and focus on them when they are in a state of arousal. Some into the accomplice fantasy also bring violence into it, but most are just using a bit of force, some talk about how they’d drug someone or get them drunk if they could to lower the resistance of the other person, there’s all kinds of things people mention. Do you have an accomplice fantasy you’d like to play out with one of our operators? If so, give us a call tonight.

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