Woman’s Rape Fantasies


The bodice ripper novel is a very old staple in literature. Most women will never want to actually be brutally, violently raped, but the type of fantasies some women have and many men as well, is one of reluctance, a “soft rape” as it were. Were the hero just takes what he wants, but the woman is purring and satisfied by the end and gives in. Like Scarlett O’Hara kicking and screaming as Rhett Butler carries her up the stairs.

A client this week is very into women’s romance novels, not something I think I ever heard a client admit to me, he has a collection of them even and loves this type of scenario where the leady is taken semi against her will, yet of course is satisfied by the end. His fantasies are much more female sounding than male, yet some males do enjoy that type of fantasy as well, and of course he’s the one doing it, not the woman being taken. Some women into rough sex might not call it rape, but they like to put up a struggle and have the man overtake them.

All “rape” fantasies are not from strangers in back alleys brandishing knives or a gun, most are featuring people we know we’d like to conquer us in some way and this is a normal and safe way to express it, via a fantasy or over the phone having a phone sex operator enact it verbally with you, to some it’s just another roleplay. Many good girl types cannot let go and need to have a man take charge so they are having it done against their will kind of thing. It gives them permission to have sex without giving their own consent to do so.

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