Forcing Himself On The Neighbor

One of my regular callers has fantasies about his neighbor and creeping into her home when she’s asleep, sleeping naked of course for easy access, and creeping into bed with her and spooning her in bed until she wakes up and realizes he’s holding her like this. That would kind of be a scary way to wake up having gone to bed alone and waking up and feeling someone with their arms wrapped around you! Of course he’d whisper in her ear how much he wants to fuck her and he’s going to, whether she wants him to or not, there’s no consent in the matter.

Of course when he slips his cock inside of her she soon warms to the idea and begins to moan, even though she’s kind of being raped by the neighbor. He wants her so badly though, he just cannot help himself from doing this and he loves to fuck her. He also has an obsession with whipped cream in the shaker cans and filling up he pussy and ass with the whipped cream and then licking it out. I cannot even begin to imagine the nozzle of a whipped cream can up my ass and filling it…

He loves to think of her cumming over and over again on his cock even though she never asked for this in the first place or invited him in any way, it didn’t start out willingly, but of course ends with her begging for his cum inside of her and how much he wants to turn her into his whore and have her tell him the door is unlocked for him at any time to come on over and fuck her and fill her with his seed. Some do love the idea of taking another by force, it really gets them going like nothing else.

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