We Fucked in Front of the Therapist

My boyfriend and I had been having problems and we had decided to go into couples therapy, since we knew a couple that had really been helped by it. We went a few times and things were getting a bit better, but the therapist suggested one final thing. We’d told her about some of our sex issues and she said she felt if she could see us actually having sex, just pretend she wasn’t even there, she might be able to better diagnose our problems. We were a bit unsure as to whether we should take this most intimate of steps, but we finally agreed.

The appointment finally came and we were to have sex on the sofa in front of her, she had moved her chair so she wasn’t so close, but could see everything. Then she would speak up as we were having sex and tell us her thoughts, her observations, as to the power struggle that we were working out through our sex life. It was odd, but it did work. I have to say, it was odd and yet strangely arousing to know every move we made was being watched so very closely.

I had to admit I was wetter than normal and I think my boyfriend performed better, knowing we had an audience, but we didn’t fundamentally change how we fucked and she pointed out several things for us to try and it did go well. She asked how we’d be to try it again in a few weeks, and I have to admit, I’m kind of hot thinking about how it will go, what we will do, how things will turn out for us both fucking for an audience, even an audience of one. It is very intense knowing she’s watching his cock slide in and out of my pussy, and watching how he licks my cunt. I bet it makes her wet as well.

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