Riding My Lover

I am luckily quite flexible, and my husband loves that. We try all sorts of sexual positions, but I’d say my favorite is the woman on top one, since I can control the pace, the depth, and how I rub myself on my partner. The one on top does all the work as they say, so hubby is quite happy to have me do the work as well. That slow, sensual riding back and forth, my clit rubbing against his hard shaft, mmm, nothing quite like it. I love when he holds open my pussy lips, further exposing my clit to rub on his hard cock.

Drizzle some lube right in that particular spot and it makes for a smooth ride. He loves to fondle my tits when I’m on top of him, and I love it too. The nipples are quite sensitive and I enjoy having them pinched and rubbed and tweaked as we fuck. I love to milk his cock inside of me, squeezing my muscles around his throbbing member inside of me. Knowing his balls are filling up with cum because of me doing that, it makes me feel such control over his dick. Sometimes I will ride him facing his feet and that way I can rub and pull on his balls as I grind on him, he really likes that.

Last week he had me slip a toy in his ass while I rode him reverse cowgirl, he just went wild. I was moving it in and out of him as I bounced up and down on him. I cranked it up high and he shot a ton of cum. His cock just kept squirting and squirting inside of me. It was dribbling back out of me and onto his balls. I do love to please my man, as he does me.

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