Shake That Booty

Last night I stripped for my boyfriend and he was surprised and turned on by it. I wanted to try something different, and boy, this was different. I’d watched several videos about it and didn’t want it to be comical, but sexy. He said I did a pretty good job. I tried my best. I sat him down on the bed and put on some “stripper music” and wiggled around for him and did my best. He was not expecting this little display of creativity and seemed to enjoy it all. Once I was fully nude, the real fun began. Doesn’t it always?

I sashayed over to him and shook my tits in his face and he grabbed my titties and played with them a bit before I gave him a lap dance. That he really was not expecting, but he got hard pretty quickly as I did the bump and grind on his lap and his hard cock. I knelt down before him and took out his hard cock and started to give him a nice, juicy blow job as I looked him right in the eye. He certainly appreciated that. It was one of his favorite things.

I then just straddled him, his dick was out but he was still fully clothed. I fucked him right there in the chair, clothes be damned. It was fast and hard and kind of rough, and I knew he’d love it. He really grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me hard down onto his cock as he thrust up towards me. We kissed hard and deep and his cock was in me all the way up the balls as I played stripper and lap dancer on his lap. It was fun and kinky and something different and he came buckets in my hot, waiting cunt, just like I’d hoped he would.

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