Tap That Pussy

When I was in my teens I wasn’t ready for sex yet, so my boyfriend at the time had us do all kinds of things besides fucking. We did eventually fuck, but after many months of non penetrative sex, I was so horny I couldn’t wait anymore. One thing he used to do was tap his cock against my clit until I’d cum. He’d rub it up and down my wet slit and I’d be just writhing for him. I wanted him to slip it inside of me, but not enough to actually do it. Not for months anyway. So he’d tap it on my clit. Sometimes I’d separate my cunt lips to expose my clit even more.

I’d call it playing Morse code, lol. It was kind of silly, but you do silly things when you’re young. Because we’d waited for many months, it was actually better. We knew one another’s bodies very well from touching and licking and kissing, so when we finally did fuck, it was really fantastic. I would get so wet for him, when he’d tap on my pussy and clit like that, the strings of sticky cum would be attached to the head of his dick and just still be connected to my pussy, like when you’d have a juicy kiss and some strings of spittle would be connected between your lips when you’d separate.

People these days jump into sex too soon I think. By teasing one another like this it creates a real build up, a real anticipation of being together. He was one of the hottest lovers I’ve ever had, even though he was my first. To this day I have lovers tease my pussy this way before they enter me and I’ve never grown tired of it, I love it. Good things come to those who wait.

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