Thinking of You

Some callers think they are the only ones that fantasize, but they are not. Sometimes a favorite caller will get stuck in our minds and we will be thinking of them when we masturbate on our own time. They can have a type of voice we like, or make sexy breathing sounds, or have a fantasy that we very much enjoy. There’s all kinds of things that make us fantasize about a certain caller. Masturbation is of course a lot of fun, we all do it, but a certain fantasy can get you going like nothing else, as we are sure you know. Most callers have many and varied fantasies they are calling to talk about and discuss and act out as best they can over the phone.

There’s an intimacy with phone sex that some cannot even get with their real life partners. The intimacy of touching yourself can also for many be a far better orgasm than you can share with a partner. No one knows how to touch you as well as you do, so masturbation can produce the absolute best quality orgasms for some of us. True there’s not the emotional component when alone, but talking to someone as you masturbate can greatly heighten the experience.

Some of my callers are sexy to listen to as they stroke their cocks, so of course it’s natural to imagine what they must be like in bed, what their cocks really feel like as they’d be fucking you. Some of course that we have seen on cam, if they are good looking, this can lead to you thinking about them even more, once you’ve seen that cock in action, even if only on the computer screen. You likely enjoy watching ladies masturbate and watch porn of them doing just that. Teasing their pussies and stiff little clits, getting more and more aroused with each pass of the fingers over that juicy cunt. Naughty boy, maybe we are thinking about you…

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