Raped By a Fembot

I don’t get too many fembot or sex android calls, but once in a while I do. A man called the other night with an unusual fantasy. He wanted to be raped by a fembot on a long intergalactic voyage. The fembot had been reading about human sexuality and was curious about it, and there was a male human passenger on board the craft, just the two of them, and she decided to learn all about sex from him, but he was not interested in being the teacher for the horny fembot. He had no choice.

The fembot was of course many times stronger than any human man, and could easily overpower one, and did. The fembot just didn’t want to take no for an answer. There was no violence, just she would not stop touching him, fondling him, and finally fucking him and making him cum. He told her to stop repeatedly, but she would not listen. He had to give in because she was stronger than he was. She told him this was going to be a new nightly thing they would be doing and he protested to no end. He enjoyed what the fembot did to him, but it was against his will. He came into her against his will.

There would be no way to escape someone on an intergalactic spaceship, nowhere to run. The fembot is strong and determined, you really have no recourse but to give in. This was a different spin on the usual fembot fantasy. Most men into the fembots are dominant and want the fembot totally submissive, programmed to give them pleasure at any time. This was quite the opposite. There are many odd fantasies out there, I for one can attest to that from what callers reveal to me. Does the lure of the fembot arouse you?

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