Surprise Cock

The ever growing allure of the shemale and tranny continues as more and more callers reveal fantasies surrounding this topic. One recurring fantasy many seem to have is picking up one of these special ladies at a bar, thinking it’s a real woman. Only when they are making out is “the surprise” discovered. At first they are shocked, but it quickly turns to unbridled passion. In real life I think the chances of it leading to violence would be high, yet it’s quite the requested fantasy. The hand snaking up the skirt, only to find the bulge that awaits. The previously unknown about cock.

Some men calling with this fantasy have hired tranny escorts and have real experiences with them. Others have never found a real one, especially if they live in a non metropolitan area and they just can’t come into contact with them. Some make do with shemale porn and only wish they were the ones getting fucked in place of the ones onscreen. Sucking that hidden cock, getting their man pussy’s stretched open for the first time, it’s all just so arousing to the man looking and sometimes not even looking but finding, that “special girl”.

Have you desired to suck on such a cock? Finding a cock undress a skirt when you’re fooling around with someone you just met, maybe have had a few drinks and not seeing as straight as usual, a mistake like that could happen. Some men love the best of both worlds they get in such a sexual partner, the fake breasts, the cock, all of it. Think of that dick in your mouth, as you slowly French kiss it, while teasing your own dick in your hand. You’re so aroused, you know she’s going to shoot that load down your throat, and as soon as they begin to shoot, you will in your own hand, as well. Naughty boy.

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