Wine Me, Dine Me, Sixty Nine Me

My boyfriend loves to sixty nine. Giving and receiving at the same time, always fun. I keep my pussy clean shaven, so it’s always smooth for him to delve into my velvety folds. I love swallowing down his hard, dripping cock. I have a tiny, delicate little clit, so he likes to hold open my pussy lips to expose it and make it stick out better for him to lick it and flick it back and forth with his tongue. He does a good job and I love the way he makes my pussy feel. I like to drool all over his dick at the same time, driving him into some kind of frenzy.

He always let me set the pace and matches me. If I lick faster, so does he, so I can basically control how quickly he licks me and I will explode all over his face. He’s a lot easier than I am, so it’s not difficult to get him to cum when I’ve cum. Often as soon as I do, it triggers him to and he will cum all over my tits if I pull him out of my mouth when I feel his balls tighten up and I’m not in the mood to swallow.

I usually do though and he likes me taking his cum down my throat. I get very creamy and he enjoys licking every drop of that sweet cream out of my cunt. I can usually cum a couple of times, so he will often make me cum as much as I need to before blowing his load. I’m happy as long as I get to cum as much as I need to. His cock is always pleased at what I do to it. Then he usually slides that dick right into me and will get hard again quickly and start to fuck me until I’m exhausted and can take no more.

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