Dry Humping

The new guy I’ve been seeing is a tease. That’s a switch, right? He is making me wait for his cock. He doesn’t jump into sexual relationships easily, so we’ve been making out like teenagers and no penetrative sex. Just dry humping and hand job and kissing. It’s hot, but it’s kind of frustrating to. I haven’t made myself cum from dry humping since my school days, but you certainly don’t forget how. He gets so hard, I just place my crotch over his and grind on him and I am absolutely able to make myself cum by doing that. It’s a bit of work when there’s easier ways!

I have always loved having my pussy rubbed while I was kissed, so that kind of attention is nice. Most guys are just wanting to get right to fucking, so a lot of the fun foreplay stuff does get left behind in youth it seems, at least with the guys I see. It’s kind of refreshing to take our time like this, but I’m worried once it does happen it will be anti climactic, since the anticipation of something very often is greater than the actual event. You look forward to something so much, and then it happens and it’s, mmmh, that wasn’t as great as I’d hoped it would be.

I do hope this won’t be the case here, but I’ve been giving hand jobs a lot, he won’t even let me suck it, just touch it. It’s a real return to basics kind of sex life, but it will proceed I’m sure, and if it doesn’t, I have other fish to fry so to speak. Not sure how long he intends this to go on, but I am getting so I really need some cock, it’s just been too long for this to go on indefinitely.

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