My Mom’s Friend Masturbated Me

A friend of my mom’s came to stay with us recently, she was divorced and very pretty, I’d always liked her, she usually visited a few times a year, but I usually wasn’t around when she did. She stayed with us for a week recently. My mom however had a work emergency and had to leave for several hours, leaving me alone with her friend. We had a good talk and she told me all about her divorce. She left her husband because he found out she was having an affair – with another woman.

I was a bit shocked, but open minded. She then asked me if I’d ever had any same sex experiences and I said no, but I’d read some lesbian erotica and found it arousing. Our conversation took an intimate turn and she reached over and kissed me. I found myself instantly aroused and kissed her back eagerly. Her hand was soon finding its way under my skirt and to my panties, which were quickly dampening with my growing arousal. I spread my legs open further for her and she slipped them inside the silky fabric, finding my wetness and smoothing her knowing fingertips across my clit, teasing me.

I was soon panting at her attentions, as she deftly masturbated me and quickened her pace. Separating my cunt lips as she worked my clit with fast but gentle fingers. I bucked my hips up towards her hand and knew I was going to cum. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and just enjoyed her touch and had never so much enjoyed anyone touching me, not even my boyfriends. She increased the firmness of her touch and I soon cried out and came on her hand and felt a little embarrassed as I came and then calmed down. She said not to feel any embarrassment, to just enjoy it for what it was and I did. She left the next day, but I will never forget her masturbating me there on that sofa in my mom’s living room.

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