Feeder Fetish for Males

Now I had an unusual caller last night. The few calls I’ve had about feeder fetish have always involved the man wanting to fatten up the woman. This caller was a fat man himself. He said he was around three hundred pounds. In his fantasy, he wanted a woman that would love his fat, want to rub his belly and knead it like bread dough and want to fatten him up even more. He wanted to talk about going away on vacation and coming back to his lady fifty pounds heavier and me loving this new weight gain.

It got pretty gross, him talking about holding his stomach up while I’d be working on his cock. It of course would be buried if he let the stomach go. Also he spoke of hauling his large, hanging stomach up onto the sink as he jerked off, it made it easier for him to get a handle on his cock with the large stomach out of the way. He liked to hear about me cooking and baking for him to further fatten him up. I am not sure how many women would be interested in this kind of relationship, there must be one somewhere, but I cannot think this is appealing to many women in any way, shape or form.

Sex would be very awkward if the man was this large, the stomach would indeed get in the way of the cock. It was sort of a self feeder fetish, or him wanting a lady that had it for the man. I’ve never in all the years had a call like it. There’s all sorts of different people out there with different needs and kinks and wants, they just need someone to discuss them with that can help them in some way explore their fantasy.

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