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Feeder Fetish for Males

Now I had an unusual caller last night. The few calls I’ve had about feeder fetish have always involved the man wanting to fatten up the woman. This caller was a fat man himself. He said he was around three … Continue reading

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Jiggle Jiggle

To most women a fat stomach is the bane of their existence, but to some men, they do indeed love a good cushion for the pushin’. One I talked to last night indeed wanted a woman with an ample tummy, … Continue reading

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Fatty, Fatty , Two By Four, Can’t Get Through The Bedroom Door

Now there’s nothing wrong or even strange about liking a plus sized gal-to a degree, but when does plus sized become freakishly large? I talked to a man tonight that wasn’t just into big women, he was into like so … Continue reading

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