Vampire Fetish

Perfect to talk about during this Halloween season. Some callers are into vampire fetish. They love the whole gothic horror thing. Vampires can be sexy, or movies like the Twilight series wouldn’t be so popular. I can recall seeing the Dracula film with Frank Langella (1979), and thinking it was a sexy movie and I was only a little girl! The way a vampire seduces his female prey, he need not attack her, she will come to him willingly. It’s just a sexy scenario. Does sinking your fangs into the pale, lovely neck of a young ingénue appeal to you at all?

One caller did not tell me he was thinking of a vampire call and I assumed it was just a normal call, if you can call these calls normal, lol. Then all of a sudden he said he was coming up behind me and cupping my breasts, (still normal), then he brushes the hair aside off of my neck and leans down and his fangs come out. I did not see this coming whatsoever. Then he plunges them into my creamy neck and begins to drink my blood, all the while I am leaning back into him, feeling a little weak from the blood loss, yet irresistibly drawn to him.

Giving in and allowing someone to seduce you, to drink from your very life essence, it is absolutely sexy if you’re into that sort of thing. Not everyone is, but some love the supernatural type of fantasy to explore on their phone sex calls. If vampire fantasy roleplay appeals to you, why not call one of our experienced ladies and see how they can fit into your bloodsucking fantasy? Sink your teeth into one of us, and you will be back for more! Happy Halloween, my blood thirsty naughty boys!

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