He Sucked His Mom’s Boyfriend’s Cock

One of my more colorful callers this week was a man that claimed for years he’s been sucking off his mom’s boyfriend. Now that is not out of the realm of possibility I suppose, but of course what he said next pushed it there. She watched him do it, regularly. Uh huh, suuuure she does, lol. It gets better. Not only does she watch her college age son service her boyfriend, she apparently told all her friends he’s basically for rent, so to feel free to bring their boyfriend’s over and he’ll suck them off as well.

He said he’d be laid back on the bed, head hanging over the side and five to ten men would come by all the boyfriend’s of her friends, and he’d service them orally while the ladies all watched and giggled at him doing it. Now doesn’t this sound so realistic and plausible? They are so serious when they describe their far fetched little scenarios they have playing in their minds, it’s quite comical honestly to listen to them spin these fantastic tales they claim are all true. You just sit there and listen and encourage them to elaborate. It makes them feel good to have someone to share these things with.

What mother wouldn’t be thrilled to watch her grown son service all her friends men? She apparently instructed him well on how to pleasure the boyfriend, and she even watches her son get fucked by him as well as suck him off. What a mom. Teaching sonny boy the important things in life, like how to service a man and keep him coming back for more. Many of the callers have some very out there fantasies they seem to live out in their minds repeatedly. No harm thinking about things, I do have my doubts as to the authenticity of these claims though.

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