He Masturbated On His Roof

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear an odd tale you never have before. A man called the other night and said when he used to live in a bit more secluded area, one of his favorite places to go and masturbate was his roof. He moved to a bit more crowded and close toghter area, so he cannot really get on the roof to rub one out anymore, since he’d bee seen by too many people, but of course he still fantasizes about it. That would surely be an entertaining site ofr the neighbors, especially the ones across the street or ones that lived in a nearby apartment building or condo that had a balcony facing such an event. The binoculars would for sure be coming out.

In today’s world, the even would likely be quickly streamed on some website or the other before the poor exhibitionist knew what was happening. He’d be lost in his masturbation too much to care it was being livestreamed on the internet. It’s just a different world today. A few decades ago, a neighbor or two might get such a glance, but unless they had a camera nearby to capture it, no one would ever be the wiser. The sun on his skin, the breeze on his belly, the sheer enjoyment of masturbation outdoors.

Men love to show off for the most part. Not all of course, but some for sure, so the thrill of doing such a thing could be seen. Honestly I’d love to do a poll of roofers and find out how many had rubbed one out on their lunch break on rooftop somewhere. I never thought of such a place to masturbate until this man’s call, but he surely cannot be the only one that has stroked his cock on a roof.

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