The Horny Librarian

I’ve worked as a librarian in the past and always loved the calm, quiet environment the library offered. I also got to study many young men that were reading and absorbed in their books and studies. They likely had no clue the horny librarian was observing them. One did however, and we had lots of fun. He saw how I stared at the otherwise occupied young men and when he came up to me to check a book out, he leaned in and said as much, the cheeky young thing. He was good looking and apparently observant, and he asked me if my cougar pussy was craving some young cock, like his.

Such nerve he had, but he was right and he knew it. He slipped me his email address and a few hours later when I was finished with work I emailed him and he came over to my place. He knew I wanted that young, hard cock and he started kissing me as soon as I closed my door. Our clothes were soon a trail on the floor on the way to the bedroom. He pushed me back on the bed and called me his little slut. I was hungry for his cock and it didn’t take him long to shove it down my throat. I sucked on him until he shot down my throat.

He remained hard, and flipped me over on all fours and ploughed me from behind, stretching me open with his cock. I loved how he handled me. He grabbed my hips and just thrust his dick into me over and over and over, until I creamed down my leg and all over his cock. I shuddered with each orgasm, and he shot me full of his young cum. We’ve played many times and I never tire of his young, hard cock.

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