Playing On The Beach

The warm weather just makes me even more adventuresome than usual. I can’t help it, I just want to get naked when it’s sunny, warm and there’s a lovely breeze outside. I was at this beach a few weeks ago and there wasn’t anyone nearby, so I didn’t see the harm in stripping down and being comfortable. The nearest people were so far I could barely see them. I stripped down and laid out my towel to lay in the sun and feel its warmth on my skin. The breeze played over me, the water was lapping at the shore, it wasn’t long until my nipples were standing at attention in the wind.

I started to feel horny. I began to rub suntan lotion all over myself and soon my hand was wandering down between my thighs. I again looked around and didn’t see anyone close by, so I decided to go for it and just masturbate. I stroked my already hard little clit with abandon. It felt incredible. I was wet already, the bit of suntan lotion on my fingers just made it even more slippery. I spread my legs as I looked out at the water and just stroked myself, bucking my hips a bit as I played with myself.

I spread the gooey wetness over my pussy lips and knew I was getting close to cumming. I sped up my actions and soon went over that edge of please and came hard, right there on my beach towel there on the beach in the sunshine. I got up and walked down to the water and went in for a refreshing swim. I was all hot and sticky from my playing and the water felt marvelous on my nude body. Only went I was swimming out a bit did I look up and notice a man sitting on a little cliff above where I’d been playing. He’d been watching me the entire time. I’m hoping he enjoyed the show.

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