Erotic Lactation For You!

One of the calls I had today was a breast milk feeding call, I don’t get too many of those, but there are absolutely guys out there who have this fetish. He was not even looking for mommy to be the one breastfeeding, just a sexy woman with big, milk filled titties for him to latch onto and nurse from as I stroked his cock and caressed his balls. Does erotic lactation drive you wild? Do you fantasize about big titted women with giant breasts overflowing with warm, sweet milk that you’d suck on and swallow down your throat?

It’s a turn on for many guys, but some are afraid it’s an odd fetish or a turn off. Not all women are comfortable with this sort of fantasy, but for many of us, it’s not a big deal to indulge at all. A huge, warm pair of pillow like breasts for you to nestle into and kiss and suck and derive nourishment from. Lots of guys do fantasize about titty fucks. Sliding their cock between the breasts and having the lady lick the tip of their cock when it’s pushed up underneath, it really gets ones into tits excited. Of course some want it to be mommy who’s doing the breastfeeding and that’s fine as well, after all, no one can nourish her little boy like mommy can, right?

Smearing the nipples with your dripping precum and watching us suck our nipples drives many guys over the edge of pleasure. The thought of those soft breasts being wrapped around their shaft and glided up and down is enough to make them cum in their pants. Sometimes seeing a big breasted woman is enough to get this fantasy going in their minds, wanting to suck and to squeeze those great big tits. Does breastfeeding drive you wild? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

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