Calling For Phone Sex From a Hotel

Guys calling from hotel rooms is nothing new. They go on business trips and are bored. If they even have a lady, a wife or a girlfriend, they are unlikely to want to have phone sex with them, so they get bored and turn to porn and phone sex girls. So getting calls from guys on business trips is nothing new. Their meetings done for the day, their mediocre dinner behind them, they head to their rooms alone and find themselves getting horny. It’s the perfect opportunity to have phone sex actually, since they have as much privacy as they could hope for.

No prying eyes or ears of the cold wife around, so they many times find themselves seeking the comfort of a female voice for them to masturbate to. Some would have adult movies available in the hotel rooms, but with most everyone carrying their own computer these days when they travel, they can easily access porn wherever they are to titillate themselves with. They find the right gal to talk to, or maybe they already have a favorite they are able to freely call now once more since they have privacy, and out that hard cock comes.

They imagine we are there in the hotel room with them, sucking their cock and getting fucked. Some claim to adore hotel sex, since it’s just more wild and more free for some reason. Also can be arousing, or annoying, to the other guests to listen to. I’m guessing more annoying, but some like to imagine they are turning on the people in nearby rooms. The hot, sexy woman they are fucking the living daylights out of, grabbing her breasts, pounding her pussy, pulling her hair. Making her cum over and over and then they themselves cum as well, hard and thoroughly, draining themselves into her. Yes, hotel sex can indeed be wild.

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