I Cheated On My Boyfriend

My boyfriend goes out of town on business a lot and quite frankly, it’s become an issue in our relationship. I need more sex than I am getting and I decided when he goes away on all these business trips, I’m going to see other men. Masturbation will only take you so far. I need cock. There’s a new man that bought the condo unit across from ours that I found attractive from the first moment I laid eyes on him. My boyfriend had a week long business trip coming up, so I made my move when he left town.

I knocked on his door and asked him over for a “welcome to the building drink”, he accepted. I liked him, he was not only fun and personable, but very sexy and good looking. I think he knew I was coming onto him, since he made a move and I did not stop him. We were soon laying there on the couch making out. I told him I got lonely when my boyfriend was out of town and I needed someone for those times. I was honest and upfront about what I was seeking and he said he’d be glad to help me out. He wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but often wanted someone to play with no strings attached.

He carried me to the bedroom and stripped me down. I loved his cock and gave him a great blow job, he said it was the best he’d ever had and I was happy to worship his cock once I saw the size of it. It wasn’t long until he got me on all fours and slid that thing into my wet snatch and I was stretched to the max with his girth. He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back onto that glorious cock as it sunk into my pussy. It wasn’t long until I was having a screaming, five alarm orgasm. He shot his load into me. I knew this new fuck buddy of mine and I would be having a lot of fun.

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