Sloppy Blow Job For You

Most guys love a sloppy blow job. The thought of a wet, slippery mouth closing around the head of their dick and sliding up and down is enough to make most hard instantly. Some prefer a blow job to actual sex. They don’t really need to work for their pleasure, they just lay back and relax. So many guys call and ask if I love to give them, do I swallow, they want all the details to go by as they stroke away on their cocks as I paint the salacious picture with my words.

Many love even the sound effects of the blow job, so I keep a fat Sharpie marker next to the phone to suck on for those realistic blow job sounds they love so much. Does just the sound of a woman sucking on something get your cock to twitch and come to life? Some love it so much they have literally asked for just sucking sounds and no talking, which seems easier, but can actually create the same kind of mouth, tongue and jaw fatigue that performing an actually blow job can create, so it can be taxing depending on how long that they want to hear it. You try doing it for a twenty minute call and see how easy it is!

Most men adore being serviced this way and never tire of blow jobs. One said it’s like giving flowers to a woman for a man to get one, always unexpected and always welcome. Some callers that are older and never slept with anyone other than their wives have never had a blow job and are very curious about them since they’ve never had one. Many people would find it hard to think a man in his seventies has made it his whole life without having one, but when I’ve asked, they say their wife would have considered it dirty and disgusting and perverted, so there’s no use in ever having brought it up, so they’ve never had one and have seen it in porn only.

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