Chinese Food Delivery Guy

Now if there’s one things Asians are known for, it’s that they usually have the smallest dicks on the planet. I researched global cock sizes in the past and the Koreans had the smallest with an average of three inches. Not very impressive, being half the size of the average North American. So when a guy called and said he had a fantasy about a Chinese food delivery guy, with “brown balls” coming over to fuck him, I couldn’t help but laugh. He said he’d heard of Asian guys with quite large cocks. Again, I was laughing. Now I’m sure there must be a few somewhere that do, but on average they are known for being small in the manhood department.

So the guy knocks on the door, the Chinese food delivery in hand and he gets invited in for a lot more than getting paid. When he seriously said he wanted to put soy sauce on the “brown balls”, I lost it and was laughing full on. The things that people say on a daily basis are enough to send you into hysterics at times. So the soy sauce is shaken all over the brown balls, and I guess he licks it off, sucks the guys apparently shockingly large cock and then gets fucked by him. Hey, why not.

Pizza delivery guys do on occasion make an appearance in phone sex calls, but I can honestly say this is a first for a Chinese food delivery guy to be fantasized about. Perhaps somewhere a guy delivering food has indeed been invited in and things took a turn like they would in a porn movie, stranger things have indeed happened. So the next time you call for take out, just imagine the guy that brings it to you and all the things you could tell him you want to do to him!

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