Waiting For The Call

One caller that’s very much into sexy lingerie emails a few hours before he calls and has me slip into some sexy lingerie for him. Many times he’s been the one that has bought what I’m wearing. He loves to send Amazon gift cards to me during our calls and he tells me to get something pretty for myself. He loves knowing I’m wearing something he gave me the gift card for. He is a nice man and I do genuinely like him. He has a sexy voice and I cannot say he doesn’t turn me on. He likes longer calls, so we are never rushed.

I sit there all in my silky things waiting for his call. The phone rings and it’s him. I know he’s going to ask me what I’m wearing, so I tell him and he starts to get hard. He has me trace my fingertips over the crotch of my panties and then slip them off and dip them into my pussy. I can hear him starting to breathe heavily over the phone and begin to rub his cock. I could hear his well lubed hand stroking himself as I played with my pussy and told him I wanted to fuck him so badly.

He said he’d bend me over and slip his dick into me from behind and really give me a pounding. My nipples were hard and I rubbed my clit faster and faster, driving myself wild and then cumming all over my hand. He tried hard to keep from cumming when I did and he managed to. He always liked to cum when I did a second time. It doesn’t take me long to recover and go for a second orgasm. I caught my breath and then worked myself up again and said I was ready to cum. I moaned and came explosively and when he heard me, it triggered him and he shot his load. Another satisfying call for my favorite caller.

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