Little Man, Big Pussy

I’ve gotten some callers lately that are quite into the giantess fetish. It’s pretty niche, I do not get many guys into that, but ones that are, really like it a lot. Giantess vore is also something some of these men enjoy. Not only to be shrunken down to the size of bugs, but then eaten by the women that did this to them. One said he wanted to be a woman’s pizza topping. You thought anchovies were gross, imagine a pizza with a little man in the melted cheese! Living long enough to be swallowed whole, then sloshing around inside the pitch dark stomach with all the other food and wine before drowning in digested food.

There’s some guys into pretty weird things for sure, but that’s what phone sex girls are hear for. You likely cannot talk to your girlfriend or wife about these odd fetishes you have, so you seek out phone sex girls to discuss your oddball fantasies with. We’ve likely heard a lot stranger than you can dream up, don’t worry! The movie The Incredible Shrinking Man from the 1950’s is a favorite of some of these men. It is what they fantasize about happening to them. To be so small they are barely the size of a bug. A toy for the pet in the home to chase and hunt down.

Many however want to be inserted into a woman like a tampon, or carried around in between her breasts in her bra and be drenched in her boob sweat, or like many, consumed like a little hors d’oeuvres. Men have different sexual needs and thoughts than many women, that’s not say no women have odd fantasies, they do, but men are in their own class for sure. Are you thinking of being a woman’s purse pet when you close your eyes and masturbate? You likely are, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

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