His Dick is Better

My boyfriend has a lot going for him, the only thing that is lacking is his cock size, and he knows it. He knows his little cock has held him back in life and from getting the woman of his dreams. I told him I’d be his girlfriend, but only if I was allowed to fuck other guys on the side. He heartily agreed and looked forward to it. He loves when I make disparaging comments about his size, it turns him on. He has this friend I’ve always found really attractive and I told my boyfriend I’d be willing to play with him if it was agreeable to everyone involved. It didn’t take him long to arrange things.

His friend was quite flattered I liked him and he was looking forward to fucking me as well. He came over and we all had a few drinks and adjourned to the bedroom. I was soon bent over the bed and feeling his friend’s cock nestling into my pussy lips from behind me and my boyfriend was practically drooling watching it a few feet away, stroking his cock. I began to rub my clit back and forth with my middle fingertip. Slow little counterclockwise circles. I was just tingling. I dipped that fingertip into the mouth of my cunt to get it nice and wet then went back to teasing it. It was then I felt the length of his friend’s cock enter me.

He began to slide it in and out of me as I continued to rub my clit faster and faster. I could feel his balls hitting the back of my clit with every pump of his dick into me. I knew I was going to cum, and I gushed on my own hand and I then felt a torrent of cum unleash within me in squirt after squirt. My boyfriend had also just cum I saw. I think this cuckold thing might work out just fine.

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