Let’s Get Physical

I’m quite into fitness, I have several very good quality workout machines at home and was looking to upgrade to them to even sturdier models recently, so I placed my current ones online for sale. This man emailed me back about my treadmill and said he could come by after work to have a look at it. I was in workout clothes when he arrived and I could see he admired my great body. He too was in good shape and I enjoyed his looks as well. It was better than his current model he said and he wanted to try it out.

He got on and worked up to a run and was able to keep up nicely. I could see he was in great shape. He said he’d take the treadmill, so I helped him load it into his car. He gave me his number, so I knew he was attracted to me and hoped I’d contact him. The next week I did call him and we met for drinks. We hit it off and I asked him back to my place. Needless to say we put both of those physically fit bodies to good use and fucked our brains out all night long.

I rode his cock and he played with my tits while I bounced on him. I loved the way it felt in my pussy to fuck him with that thick, hard dick. I loved every minute of it. My clit was so stiff from arousal, I just rotated my hips in little circles to make it rub against his dick. I soon came and gushed all over his shaft. He then grabbed me by the hips and thrust upwards, ramming his cock deep into me and then shot his load, jets of hot cum washing the insides of my pussy. Sex with another really fit person is so much sexier. I think we just may become one another’s favorite workout.

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