Guys Love Girls Together

It’s no secret most guys love watching two girls together. I love to tell them about experiences I’ve had with other girls in the past as they masturbate, it arouses them to hear me tell about it and it’s kind of exciting for me as well to share it with them. How the best friend I had in high school used to come frequently to my house for sleep overs and my parents had no idea we were in my room masturbating together and touching one another and kissing, how hot it was and how they had no clue this was happening just down the hall from them.

If my teenage brother had known, he’d have been stroking his cock the entire time I’m sure to think this was going on just through the next wall. I’d stroke her clit and she’d stroke mine, we’d see who could cum the most times, time ourselves to see who could cum the fastest from cold start to finish. All the while of course trying to be as quiet as possible so not to let on what we were doing. One time I went downstairs to get us some snacks and my mom asked me why I was so flushed in the face, lol, it was all I could do not to burst out laughing.

I wasn’t exactly going to tell her. We never went down on one another, it was just mutual masturbation and kissing, but it was fun and a naughty secret we had. I’m sure lots of girls have similar naughty secrets though of the same sort with their good female friends as well. Not all of course but a lot of them would do these kinds of things. I still look back fondly to this day at those teenaged nights in my room when I masturbate even now.

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