Sex On The Beach

A caller was telling me all about his long weekend away with his girlfriend to the Caribbean. He said the resort they were staying at had a long, private beach and they pretty well had as much privacy as one could desire. That’s a good thing too, since his girlfriend really wanted to fuck outside. They knew with that much privacy they were not apart to get caught or in any trouble. He said they started down in the afternoon and went for a bit of a swim and then were feeling horny and he got on his back and told her to get on his face.

She straddled him, facing his feet, and he began to lick her pussy. She was totally naked, they both were, and they could feel the sun on their skin and the breeze on their bodies, and no one was around and he just licked her clit until she came all over his face. She leaned down and took his cock in her mouth and they did a sixty nine for a while. Her clit all stiff and swollen and getting licked and sucked and his dick right down her throat.

He said what a good and eager cock sucker she is, he never even needs to ask, she just does it because she loves it and to please him. She then got on all fours and he pumped her pussy from behind, filling her up right there in the great outdoors. She reached underneath and rubbed her clit while he pounded her from behind and they both soon came right there on the beach. He said they did it a few times on the beach and never once got caught or had anyone see them. He loved it and wished there was a place around where they lived at home where they could engage in such activities without being caught.

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