Let Me Taste Your Cum

I love my boyfriend’s cum, I’ve licked it off of his cock during a blow job, swallowed it, licked it off of my own tits, you name it, I’ve tried it. I thought of trying a slightly different way to get it. Now obviously I’m not flexible enough that I can lick it out of my own pussy, but I thought if I positioned myself just right, when he fucks me, I could have it drip into my own mouth and it works. I told him about it before getting into that position and he laughed at my loving his cum so much, but I’m pretty flexible, so thought I could try it.

He is a good sport and always is willing to help me do anything sexual I am game to try, so he helped get me into position and then entered me. I love how he stretches me open with his cock, the way he fills me and then makes sure to either play with my clit while we fuck or make sure his cock will glide against it, I love all of it a lot. He was dripping at the thought of me catching his drips and I know it aroused him to see me there with my tongue out like that just hoping to get them as they fell out of my pussy.

I felt the first sweet drop of it like rain, then another and another, and then when he pulled out, it came in a gush into my mouth and down my chin. I slurped it up and then he gave me a great big kiss to share it. We do love those snowball kisses we share. He loves his cum and mine, so we are always cleaning one another off after a good fuck.

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